Martin Armstrong

The herculean efforts of staff and the struggles of our customers during coronavirus cannot be allowed to be in vain. We must all learn lessons, writes Wheatley Group Chief Executive Martin Armstrong.

Martin Armstrong

Investing in the future of housing leadership will reap rewards for our customers, communities and the sector, writes Wheatley Group Chief Executive Martin Armstrong.

Martin Armstrong

The scale of homelessness in the UK is shocking, but we are determined to act – and the Housing First scheme gives us means to do so, writes Wheatley Group Chief Executive Martin Armstrong.

Catherine Wilkie

Wheatley Group’s homelessness lead, Catherine Wilkie, explains how the Housing First partnership is helping the most vulnerable people off the streets.

Martin Armstrong

Investing in housing reaps benefits beyond bricks and mortar, writes Wheatley Group Chief Executive Martin Armstrong.

Modern Apprentices

Lorraine McLaren, Director of Wheatley Foundation, explains why Wheatley is determined to offer young people every opportunity in life.

First Minister is joined by apprentices at EIB funding deal

The European Union’s bank has announced it is to invest £185 million in Wheatley. This is good news, writes Chief Executive Martin Armstrong, not just for affordable housing in Scotland, but for Wheatley’s mission in 'Making Homes AND Lives Better' for thousands of people and families across the country.

Martin Armstrong

Wheatley Group Chief Executive Martin Armstrong asks if Housing First is the silver bullet we are looking for to end homelessness.

First Minister meets Wheatley Group apprentices

Following on from the latest report from the Scottish Government’s independent advisor on poverty and inequality, Wheatley Foundation Director Lorraine McLaren talks about the value of giving all young people access to employment and training as a route out of poverty and disadvantage.

Bogus callers

Alex Adrain, of our Community Improvement Partnership (CIP), explains how to tackle doorstep crime.

National Hoarding Awareness Week black graphic

Bruce McDermott, of the Tenancy Support Service, explains what hoarding is, how it affects tenants – and how Wheatley can help.

National Hoarding Awareness Week black graphic

As part of National Hoarding Awareness Week, a social housing tenant from the south of Glasgow talks about her experience of hoarding – and how she found a way through.

Martin Armstrong

The sector must renew its commitment to supporting people in hardship, says Wheatley Group Chief Executive Martin Armstrong.

Matt Kerr

Councillor Matt Kerr believes that by working together we can challenge the stigma of poverty.

Environmental Modern Apprentices recruitment

Wheatley’s ambitious programme of building thousands of affordable homes across Scotland goes hand in hand with our mission to create jobs and training opportunities for people living in our communities. By Martin Armstrong, Chief Executive of Wheatley Group.

Tenant gets advice from Housing Officer

As the Scottish Government publishes its latest figures on homelessness in Scotland, Catherine Wilkie says partnership working and a personalised approach to people’s needs, are the key to solving housing crisis.

Wheatley Foundation

I was born at the start of the swinging sixties, just after Prime Minister Harold McMillan declared "most of our people have never had it so good", writes Mary Mulligan who sits on the board of Dunedin Canmore, part of Wheatley Group.

Sighthill new-build homes

Homelessness in Scotland recently hit the headlines, after Shelter Scotland called the number of people experiencing homelessness a “national badge of shame”, writes Catherine Wilkie, Wheatley Group’s Housing Advice and Letting leader.

MCR Pathways

Helping youngsters to achieve their potential despite their disadvantages is so rewarding, writes Sharon McIntyre

Gallowgate set for transformation

Regeneration means different things to different people. For some, it’s bringing swathes of neglected land back into use; for others, it’s building attractive buildings for people to live and work in.

Solar panels

We all worry about keeping our home warm as the mercury falls and temperatures plummet during the winter months.