Asbestos is not dangerous if it's sealed safely and in good condition. It’s only dangerous when it is broken and fibres are released into the air.

It’s important you don’t:

  • drill a hole through any asbestos boards
  • cut or break off any parts of asbestos products
  • rub down asbestos panels, or artex, with sandpaper
  • use wallpaper scrapers on asbestos products
  • remove asbestos panels to gain access to services.

Why was asbestos used in homes?

Asbestos was a popular material for house builders right across the UK as it’s resistant to heat and chemicals.

It’s likely to be found in homes built between the 1950s and 1980s. Homes built since the mid-80s are unlikely to contain asbestos in the fabric of the building, but they may have some traces in parts of the building.

Is asbestos still used in homes? 

Homes built after 1999 almost certainly don’t contain asbestos anywhere in the building.

If there’s asbestos in your home, you must not damage or disturb it. Don’t use any electrical tools or use a hammer to break any asbestos.