How to move to Lowther

Join thousands of other homeowners and move to Lowther.

As part of the Wheatley Group family, we are committed to helping you and your neighbours manage and improve your property. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in property management, offering excellent customer care and value for money while delivering great results.

What do I need to do?

It is quick and easy if you want to change your factor to Lowther:

  • speak to your neighbours to discuss your property management needs and options;
  • get in touch with Lowther. Check out the different ways to get in touch in our Contact us section;
  • you may want to arrange for you and your neighbours to meet with us to discuss what we offer;
  • contact your existing factor and request a proprietors’ meeting to vote on a change of
    property manager;
  • agree a date for the management responsibilities to pass to Lowther.

Can I self factor?

You can. However, self-factoring requires owners to do the work of the factor themselves. This places the responsibilities for these arrangements on individual owners in terms of physically gathering in funds from their neighbours to pay for services, repairs, maintenance and importantly insurance, operating a bank account to manage the property, organising and overseeing contractors, and pursuing any reluctant neighbours, who will not pay their way, through legal action.

This can be a difficult job, which is why few of our customers have ever chosen this route and instead trust Lowther as a professional, experienced factor to look after their property.

If a neighbour is asking you to change to self-factoring and stop having a professional factor, just be sure you understand the implications.

Customer feedback tells us that it can be difficult asking your neighbour for money for the upkeep of building, repairs and block insurance. It can be a big responsibility to take on the role of the factor, and can be challenging if any of your neighbours can’t pay or won’t pay.

    Lowther offers these services. Does your factor?

    If you are thinking about changing factor, you should consider if your property manager offers the following services:

    • a 24-hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days Customer First Centre;
    • carry out common repairs and ensures payments by all owners;
    • provides advance notification of requested repairs, followed by job completion cards;
    • gets consent for all repairs above threshold levels;
    • holds proprietors' meetings to vote on any improvement work;
    • has block buildings insurance constantly in place;
    • provides Clerk of Works inspections of properties and works, with reports, where technical matters require investigation;
    • manages projects, including compliance with health and safety regulations;
    • offers advice and support on grant and loan schemes.

    • provides neighbourhood environmental services, including stair cleaning and backcourt maintenance services supplied by an in-house team;
    • maintains communal aerial systems;
    • provides stair lighting;
    • supplies lift maintenance services;
    • offers advice on Title Deeds;
    • arranges interviews and meetings at your convenience;
    • arranges quarterly common charge billing;
    • offers a variety of payment methods, including direct debit, online services, standing orders, PayPoint and telephone collections;
    • offers competitively-priced optional products, including contents insurance and gas maintenance services.

    Lowther deposit

    When you become a Lowther customer, we will take a small deposit. As long as your account is up to date and you don’t have any outstanding debt due to us, your deposit will automatically be returned to you if you sell your property or move to another factor.

    We keep all deposits from our homeowners separately within our accounting arrangements.