Contents insurance

What would you do if you lost everything in your home? Get home content insurance and make a claim.

As your factor we’re responsible for insuring the building you live in, but we're not responsible for insuring the contents of your home or your belongings.

Buying everything again would normally cost a fortune so contents insurance is vital if you want to be covered for loss due to unexpected events like a fire or flood.

We always recommend you take out contents insurance.

Our Group partner organisation, Wheatley Solutions Limited, can help you arrange contents insurance with our partners, Aviva and Aon . You don't have to take insurance through our partners. You may decide to shop around for your own contents insurance policy.

Wheatley Solutions has negotiated good rates with Aviva and Aon, with premiums starting from as little as as £1.64 a month for £8000 of standard cover. If you’re over 60, cover starts at £0.82 for £4000 of standard cover. There’s no claim excess which can be as much as £100 on other policies.

You will usually be covered for loss or damage, including furniture, electrical goods, clothing and jewellery. Different policies offer different levels of cover, but generally you’ll be covered against theft, fire and flood. ‘Accidental damage cover’ is usually optional so don’t assume it’s included in your policy.

Whether the negotiated rates with Aviva and Aon will be the best deal for you will depend on your individual circumstances and needs, neither Lowther Homes nor Wheatley Solutions makes any recommendation in respect of individual customers.

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