Boiler and central heating cover

We can help if your gas boiler or central heating breaks down.

As your factor we’re responsible for insuring the building you live in, but we're not responsible for insuring your boiler or central heating system.

We offer boiler and central heating cover in partnership with Saltire. You don't have to take this cover through our partners. You may decide to shop around for your own cover.

We offer a fantastic deal for gas boiler and central heating cover for only £14.59 per month.

The cover includes:

  • unlimited call outs
  • repairs to boiler controls for central heating
  • replacement boiler parts
  • an annual service
  • all parts and labour.

You can add plumbing, drains and electrical wiring to this cover for £20.99 a month. There's also a basic 'service only' cover for only £7.99 a month. Any repairs are charged on top of that cost.