Commercial rent

Lowther is the management agent for all commercial property within our parent company, Wheatley Group.

We currently own more than 350 commercial properties across Scotland. Our wide portfolio of commercial properties includes high street shops, retail units and offices in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Many of our shops are part of tenement blocks owned by other parts of Wheatley Group. This includes blocks in Wheatley Homes Glasgow and Wheatley Homes East neighbourhoods.

These shops are available at a lower rate of rent than high street units as we want to give Wheatley Group customers the opportunity to run businesses in their our communities.

How to apply

It is quick and easy to rent a commercial property from Lowther. Just follow these simple steps:

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Commercial rents

When do I pay rent and what happens if you miss a payment.

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Rights and responsibilities

Find out your responsibilities as a commercial tenant of Lowther.

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