Rights and responsibilities

Find out your responsibilities as a commercial tenant of Lowther.

We are responsible for maintaining and repairing the external structure (for example, the roof, common stair, gable walls and external drains) of the larger building that your premises are part of. Under the lease you are obliged to contribute towards this cost.

If you have a factor for the property they are responsible for maintenance and repairs of the external structure.

Your responsibilities

Before you move in you should take the time to find:

  • water stopcock
  • mains electricity switch
  • fuse box
  • gas isolator valve.

You are responsible for the payment of all utility bills, rates and other outgoings imposed on the premises, for example domestic rates and water charges.

You must take meter readings when you take possession of the premises.

By signing your lease, you have accepted that the premises and the building are in good repair at that date. You are responsible for keeping the premises clean, tidy and in good condition throughout the lease.

You are also responsible for ensuring that you comply with all statutory requirements, regulations and notices issued by the local authority which relate to the premises or your occupation and use of them.


You are responsible for the security and protection of your own premises. We have issued you with two sets of keys for the premises. You will be responsible for replacing locks if the keys are lost.


The use of the premises will be detailed in your lease. Any use out with the approved class requires Planning Permission (obtained from Glasgow City Council) and our consent in writing. Please make sure that you have planning consent for any internal or external alterations. If you undertake works without consent then you may be subject to a planning enforcement notice.

Respect for others

You are required to conduct business in such a way as not to cause any nuisance or inconvenience to fellow tenants or others within the area. In particular, no loudspeakers, television sets, radios or plant and machinery should be used in a way that will be heard outside the premises or cause electrical  interference.

Tenants must ensure that all activities are carried out in a peaceful and neighbourly manner so as not to cause grievance or nuisance to other tenants. Please report any complaints to us by using our online form or call us on 0800 561 6666.

Permitted use of the premises

The lease defines the permitted use of the premises. The permitted use specifies those activities, which may be carried out in the premises.


You will only be allowed to cook or heat food in areas of the premises, which have been specifically fitted out for this purpose and approved by the landlord. A hot food licence may also be required from your local council.


There will be no storage of equipment or materials out with the boundaries of the premises without permission from Lowther.

Electrical installations

You must ensure that the electrical supply within the premises meets the required standard and is  regularly checked by a qualified person. Any recommendations must be implemented.

Gas safety

Where the property is served by a gas main, you must arrange an annual service and gas safety check by a qualified person.


You must fulfil your responsibilities as duty holder under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.