Capital improvements

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If a social landlord does not plan any improvement in my area, can I still get major work done?

As well as improvement plans carried out by social landlords in Wheatley Group, individual owners often want to propose an upgrade of the shared parts of their property. If all properties in the block are privately owned, Lowther can still help.

When Lowther receive a request, we will get competitive quotes for the work, hold meetings with all the owners in the building, and manage all aspects of the work including checking the quality of the work and making sure you get a copy of any warranties.

The meetings allow all owners to discuss and vote on whether or not the proposed work should go ahead. Votes will be taken in line with your deed of conditions. It is important that all owners go to the meetings to have their say.

We will ask you to pay your share of the cost of the work before the work starts, including our 10% project management fee. Funds are held in a bank account agreed by all owners and should be transferred to us within 14 days of the work being finished.

If you are interested in proposing improvements to your block, our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have about this service, or send you a copy of our information leaflet.