Gardens and backcourts

Do you have a question about gardens and backcourts?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below to see if we have the answer. If you can't find the answer, get in touch.

Other owners / their tenants / unknown individuals have left bulk refuse at rear of my property - what can be done about this?

You should get in touch with your Business Advisor who will investigate this on your behalf.

An owner/sub let in my close is not maintaining the garden - what can I do?

If the back garden is common, you could opt into our backcourt maintenance scheme. If it's a front garden, we will find out who owns the flat and write to the owner reminding them of the terms of the Deed of Conditions and to maintain their property.

An overhanging tree from next door's garden is blocking light / causing root problems in my garden - what can be done about this?

We can write to the owner of the tree advising them of requirement of Deed of Conditions to ensure the tree does not cause nuisance or issue.