Do you have a question about repairs?

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What happens if I fail to maintain my home?

Glasgow City Council, or your local authority, has the legal power to take action against owners who fail to repair and maintain their home. It is essential that you co-operate with us to make sure any shared repairs are carried out.

If a repair is not carried out, there could be a risk to the health and safety of all residents and visitors to the property. 

In cases where health and safety is a major issue, we may, as a last resort, refer it to Glasgow City Council’s Development and Regeneration Services. They will assess the work needed and could, in some circumstances, use their legal powers to enforce this work. They will look at the circumstances of each case.

If this happens, there may be increased costs for the work and the owners must pay all costs (including the enforcement fees) to Glasgow City Council.

Environmental Health will deal with some minor works, depending on each individual set of circumstances.  

Any issues raised should be referred to our in-house repairs providers in the first instance.

Does the common repair team/in-house repairs providers work at weekends?

No. Our normal working hours are Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm. Out of hours, we are available 24/7 on the phone to deal with emergency repairs.