Rights and responsibilities

Do you have a question about your rights and responsibilities?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below to see if we have the answer. If you can't find the answer, get in touch.

What happens if I fail to maintain my property?

Owners have a legal duty to maintain their property and common parts they share.

It's in your best interest to maintain your property, as this will help maintain the resale value. If you fail to maintain your home your local authority has the legal power to enforce repairs and maintenance work that is required.

It is essential that you co-operate with us to make sure any shared repairs are carried out.

If a repair is not carried out, there could be a risk to the health and safety of all residents and visitors to the property. 

In cases where health and safety is a major issue, we may, as a last resort, refer it to your local authority. They will assess the work needed and could, in some circumstances, use their legal powers to enforce this work. They will look at the circumstances of each case.

If this happens, there may be increased costs for the work and the owners must pay all costs (including the enforcement fees) to their local authority.

Environmental Health will deal with some minor works, depending on each individual set of circumstances.

How do I know what I am responsible for?

Your responsibilities as an owner are detailed in your Title Deeds.

My neighbour has a satellite dish up, why can’t I put one up?

As your property manager we will advise customers of the terms of their title when we are asked for permission to put up a satellite dish.

When a satellite dish is put on a building without permission, it can have implications in terms of the warranty for newly rendered buildings and could potentially cause damage to the building.

In these circumstances the owner of the dish can be held liable for the cost of any repairs which are caused as a result. They may wish to take independent legal advice on this matter.

Can I get Sky+?

If you have a communal aerial it needs to be upgraded to accommodate SKY+. This may have been done as part of investment work carried out by one of Wheatley Group's social landlords. Please contact us for more information.

I am scared of dogs, should the other owner have their dog on a lead?

There is no requirement for this, unless it is registered as a dangerous dog. If you live in Glasgow, please contact Glasgow City Council's Dog Warden service on 0141 287 2000.