What we need to do

Find out about Lowther's rights and responsibilities as your letting agent.

In properties where we are also appointed as the Property Manager, we look after the common areas including:

  • controlled-entry maintenance
  • communal garden and backcourt maintenance, including bin area
  • repairs to internal common parts (if not found to be caused through wilful damage)
  • lift maintenance
  • stair cleaning
  • stair lighting.

Customers are asked to take care of your flat and the communal areas.


We’ll complete emergency repairs within 24 hours and other repairs will be done by appointment.

We will re-charge any repairs caused by wilful damage to the tenant responsible. This applies to both internal and communal repairs.


We may carry out two property inspections per year. We’ll give you seven days' notice and will agree a time to suit you.

We would prefer if you were present at the inspection, but you could make someone else available or agree to us visiting the property without you being present.


You will be issued with two sets of keys for your property. Both sets of keys must be returned when you move out of the property.

We will keep one set of keys which are securely stored within the office in case of emergencies. The keys for each property, including communal door keys, are logged on the system with a unique code and serial number (which is essential if a duplicate key is required to be ordered). This is password protected and only limited personal have access.